Power chords and power grabs. 22 year-old Laney Kilburn and her indie band, The Demands barely escaped the Russian Mob in Pittsburgh, PA, but their problems are far from over. Each band member has to reassess if they want to continue performing music together. Some stay and some quit but Laney continues her quest to be the biggest rock star in the world with the new lineup. However, Laney’s angry ex-boyfriend is still in her life. More hard-hitting life lessons are learned through new oddball friends and enemies.
While pulling themselves together, the Demands encounter more mayhem and murder. Word spreads around Pittsburgh that The Demands bring trouble wherever they play so they start from square one and slowly rebuild their reputation. The stakes are raised and many more violent encounters threaten to end their careers and their lives. Both the band and the mob have their share of dangerous wild cards. Manager Mitch Slater makes a deal with the devil. The FBI has now taken an interest in Laney. The public can’t decide if The Demands are heroes, connected, or simply troublemakers in this second chapter of The Demands series. Meet the mob's new brutal enforcer, Beau.
And who the hell is Cricket?
        Laney Kilburn is a 22-year old girl from Maryland who believes she can save rock n' roll. She moves to Pittsburgh, PA and assembles a kick-ass rock band out of a group of damaged goods, all with their own personal agendas. Bassist Ian Hurst, the elder statesman, sees the band as his last shot at greatness. Drummer Steve Wilkinson, sloppy and greedy, a man of many vices. Lead Singer Greg Burdette, with Rock God genetics, and a diva attitude. Keyboardists Martin Hudson, a Baptist hooked on God, Little Richard and John Legend. Lead guitarist Paul Varlotta, a shredder par excellence, but only when he suppresses constant self-doubts.
Manager Mitch Slater, survivor of a deadly illness, re-examines his life and follows his passion for music. When The Demands unknowingly interfere with Russian Mobster Petrovs' elaborate plans, things get ugly. They forge through the obstacles of in-fighting, audience indifference, lineup changes, drugs, family problems, back-stabbing and political intrigue. All the while promoting themselves as the second coming of rock n' roll.

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